Smart Products

The RME Sentar II is an incredible value with four fully independent programs, each with 5 start times, a simple easy to use interface, the ability to connect a flow sensor, measure flow and take corrective action for station breaks, main line failures, or unscheduled flow.
Eagle Plus Eagle Plus

The NEW Eagle Plus retains all the unique features and benefits of the standard Eagle™ controller, including iCentral™ internet control programming capabilities and ZipET™.  Its comprehensive list of new Pluses provides even greater functionality to equip the user with the tools necessary to maximize irrigation efficiency and water savings.

The RME Eagle combines all the features of the RME Sentar II with intelligent ET-based scheduling features that will reduce water usage, save time and money, and optimize the efficiency of water resource allocation for any irrigation application. Additionally, an optional communication card provides central control capabilities via The Internet!
Unlike other two-wire systems, Rain Master's TWICE protocol provides a two-way communication link between the controller, decoders and valves.  This provides the means for testing and diagnostic capabilities within the two-wire path.  The simplicity of the two-wire field installation, coupled with the enhanced capability of Rain Master's "E" series controllers, sets a new precedent for "Two-Wire" control within the irrigation industry.
The first of its kind, Rain Master's patented iCentral Internet-based central system offers two-way wireless communication to any RME Eagle controller. Easily make schedule changes, view statistics and receive alarm notifications from your cell phone, PDA or PC.
The Weather Center II is a highly accurate, reliable, solid state weather station that is compatible with all RME Eagle and Evolution DX2 controllers.
The Pro Max Remote Control System is designed to save time and money by allowing any irrigation controller to be controlled wirelessly from the field. It makes system evaluation, checking repairs and performing service work as easy as the push of a button.
The Rain Master DX3 satellite, is possibly the most advanced, easy to use controller on the market. Its “Automatic Intelligence” takes corrective action, should certain system issues arise.
The "Evolution DX2" controller is the most advanced irrigation controller of its kind. The Evolution DX2 combines an unprecedented level of water management features, maintenance features, and ease of use into one package.
The controller comparison table makes it easy to view the differences between the Rain Master controllers.