Historic ET by Zip Code

Rain Master has compiled historical Evapotranspiration data for every zip code in the United States. The weather information used to derive this historic information has been obtained from nationally recognized weather stations and observation Systems (i.e. NOAA). The weather information was averaged over a 30 year period and ET values were then generated for each month of the year. This information is used with our Evolution controllers/central system as well as our Eagle controllers/iCentral internet based system.

This historical ET information is considered “Proprietary Information”. All parties understands and acknowledges that the Proprietary Information has been developed or obtained by Rain Master by the investment of significant time, effort and expense, and that the Proprietary Information is valuable, special and unique asset of Rain Master which provides Rain Master with a significant competitive advantage, and needs to be protected from improper disclosure. In consideration for the use of this Proprietary Information, you agree to hold in confidence and to not disclose the Proprietary Information to any person or entity without prior written consent of Rain Master.

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